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A Gourmet Coffee Service

at Your Business


It’s about time! When’s the last time you had to offer a client a stale cup of coffee? How much company time do your employees waste every day at the local coffee house for a cup of gourmet coffee? What does the lost time and productivity cost your business?  


You don’t have to sacrifice time and taste anymore! Now you can offer your clients and employees specialty beverage and gourmet coffee service from a state-of-the-art super automatic espresso machine at little or no cost to your business.


Our Business is Gourmet Coffee Service. What’s Yours?


An Italian-made specialty beverage and super automatic espresso machine is perfect for any type of business. From law firms to hospitals to auto repair shops, our specialty beverage and gourmet coffee service truly delivers.  





It’s easy to use and maintain, too!


A little extra can go a long way!



"The gourmet coffee service offered by Gourmet Grindz forms part of the total

care experience I provide my patients. The service has been enthusiastically

embraced by patients and staff alike. With an excellent balance of cost and

value, I would unhesitatingly recommend Gourmet Grindz to any business

owner who wants to enhance the total experience of their clients or employees."


Thomas W. LaGrelius, M.D., F.A.A.F.P.

Concierge Doctor - Torrance, CA



Save Every Day


Why pay more for the same cup of gourmet coffee? Having a super automatic espresso machine at your business is like having an upscale coffee house a few steps away and at a fraction of the cost per cup!  


The best part? In just seconds and at the push of a button you, your clients, and your employees can enjoy between eight and eighteen delectable varieties of flavored gourmet coffee and other specialty beverages. And our service options are as diverse and supreme as our coffee selections.


We offer full and shared specialty beverage service plans that are tailor-made to fit your unique needs. Getting started is easy and your consultation is free! Just call 310-658-1942

or email





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