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Find Out How A Gourmet Coffee

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10 Business Benefits of Our Specialty Beverage and
Super Automatic Espresso Machines

1. Impression: Something as simple as a cup of espresso or flavored gourmet coffee can set the expectation that your products and services are as superior as your coffee.

2. Quality: You can depend on it. Every cup of espresso or flavored gourmet coffee is identical to the last cup, and it’s guaranteed to satisfy even the most discriminating palates. Your clients will think you have a barista in the office!

3. Speed: Now your guests don’t have to wait in line at the coffee machine. Both the standalone Saeco espresso machine and Aroma specialty beverage or super automatic espresso machines are fast and easy to use. With the push of a button you can grind, tamp, and brew a delicious specialty beverage in less than 30 seconds!

4. Productivity: Having a Saeco espresso machine or Aroma specialty beverage or super automatic espresso machine in the office means your employees can enjoy flavored gourmet coffee without leaving the office. No more company time wasted at the coffee shop down the street.

5. Incentive: Show your employees your appreciation by providing exquisite specialty beverage choices right in the office. Even if economic concerns prohibit you from offering other benefits, a low or no cost specialty gourmet coffee service is an easy and affordable way to delight clients and boost employee morale.

6. Convenience: Your espresso and super automatic coffee machine is just steps away and brews coffee house quality specialty beverage products at little or no cost to your company!

7. Variety: With 8 to 18 varieties of specialty beverage products, there’s something for everyone—all at the push of a button and for pennies per ounce!

8. Service: Gourmet Grindz’s specialty beverage service is unmatched. You can contact us  24x7 to provide professional maintenance for your super automatic espresso machine. Whether you need support or you’re out of specialty beverage supplies, we guarantee service within 24 hours.

9. Flexibility: Organizations use our specialty beverage and gourmet coffee service in a variety of ways that make the most sense for their businesses. You have the option to purchase, rent, share profits, or subsidize a countertop Aroma specialty beverage or super automatic espresso machine or standalone Saeco espresso machine. With full service and shared service options, we have the perfect specialty beverage service for you!

10. Style: The sleek, contemporary design of a specialty beverage or super automatic  espresso machine fits the décor of virtually any location.

Want to learn more about our full and shared specialty beverage service options, or see if you qualify for a specialty beverage or super automatic espresso machine at no cost? Our gourmet coffee service is customized to suit your specific needs. Call 310-658-1942 or email for your free consultation.
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