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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Where are your specialty beverage and super automatic espresso machines made?

Both the Saeco  and Aroma specialty beverage and super automatic espresso machines are designed, crafted, and produced in Italy.


2. What makes a machine “super automatic”?

Super automatic espresso machines do all the work for you at the push of a button. They provide the same espresso-based gourmet selections as labor-intensive traditional machines in mere seconds.


3. What is the difference between a Saeco espresso machine and an Aroma 5500 Italian espresso machine?

While these Italian espresso machines share many amazing similarities for making high quality specialty beverage products, they differ in a few important areas. The Saeco espresso machine is a free-standing super automatic espresso machine, while the Aroma 5500 machine fit on almost any countertop. Compare these sophisticated super automatic coffee machines.


4. What are the main differences between the Aroma 5500 and the Aroma 4000 machines?

The Aroma 4000 has all the qualities of the Aroma 5500 but without the grinder. The Aroma 4000 uses 100% gourmet, freeze-dried coffee, without sacrificing quality. The Aroma 5500 machine grinds, tamps, and brews fresh coffee beans.    


5. Can the strength and mixture of the specialty beverage products be changed?

Yes! One of the most popular features of our Italian specialty beverage machines is that each and every gourmet beverage can be completely customized to satisfy even the most discerning palate. Each computerized, fully programmable machine lets you modify many options, including the temperature, to make the perfect flavored gourmet coffee or other specialty beverage every time. It’s like being a barista in your very own gourmet coffee house!


6. What type of coffee beans are used in my machine?

The beans available for purchase from Gourmet Grindz are dark, freshly roasted espresso beans that are perfectly matched for optimal flavor and machine performance.


7. How fresh are the specialty beverage products?

They’re 100% fresh and made-to-order every time you select a gourmet coffee or other specialty beverage. Every cup is freshly brewed to your satisfaction.  


8. Are syrups used to flavor the coffees?

No syrups are used.  Only the finest French vanilla, chocolate, and chai ingredients are blended with our coffees and specialty beverages to produce a coffee shop quality result.


9. What if I just want regular coffee?

No problem! As well as serving gourmet coffee and specialty beverages, every super automatic espresso machine also produces café Americano or regular coffee.   


10. Can I get decaf?

It depends on which super automatic espresso machine you choose. The Saeco super automatic espresso machine has one grinder and one bean hopper, so a separate machine would be required for your choice of decaffeinated, whole beans.


The Aroma 4000 Italian specialty beverage machine gives you a decaf option and the Aroma 5500 can be modified to meet your decaf needs.


11. Is direct plumbing required?

No, direct plumbing is not required on any of our specialty beverage and super automatic espresso machines.



12. Is a special power outlet required?

All super automatic espresso machines require a standard 110 electrical outlet.


13. How many specialty beverage varieties are available?

The Saeco espresso machine offers 8 specialty beverage products. The Aroma 5500 offers 12 selections, and the Aroma 4000 offers 18 flavored gourmet coffee and specialty beverage varieties.  


14. What is the difference between full service and shared service?

Gourmet Grindz offers full  service for the Saeco espresso machine, and shared service for the Aroma machines. Our full service option for the Saeco machine includes regular service for every 100 cups. You don’t have to do anything but enjoy high quality, gourmet coffee every day! For Aroma machines, just a few easy cleaning steps will keep the machine in excellent working order. See the full and shared specialty beverage service options for detailed information.


15. Gourmet Grindz provides full service for the Saeco espresso machine, but what does cleaning entail for the Aromas?

Aside from the high quality of the gourmet coffee, one of the best features of each Aroma machine is how simple it is to clean and maintain. In fact, the only thing easier than using these machines is maintaining them! All you have to do is refill the containers, press a button to run a self-cleaning water cycle, and empty the drip tray/coffee grind bin. Complete maintenance only takes a few minutes each day!


16. Is there a requirement for the number of cups dispensed every day for Gourmet Grindz to service the Saeco espresso machine?

Yes. An average minimum daily volume of 20 cups of our gourmet coffee and other specialty beverage products is necessary to qualify for regular service.


17. What if something breaks?

You won’t find more durable and dependable Italian-made specialty beverage and super automatic espresso machines. However, if a component malfunctions or you require service, contact Gourmet Grindz at 310.658.1942 for 24x7 service.  


18. What are the payment options for these machines?

Gourmet Grindz offers many different payment choices to meet your specific needs. Our super automatic espresso machines are available for profit share, subsidize, vending, rent, lease, and purchase. See the difference and start enjoying flavored gourmet coffee at little or no cost to your business today!


19. Can machines be equipped for vending?

Yes.  All of our specialty beverage and super automatic espresso machines can accommodate coin/dollar bill options.



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